At LaBel Foodservice Equipment & Design, we are constantly striving for excellence in everything we do, specializing in commercial kitchen equipment, retrofitting, food-service equipment, tableware, and restaurant kitchen equipment. As experts in the food-service equipment industry, our clients have come to expect nothing but the very best in commercial kitchen equipment, retrofitting and project management, and we always deliver on those expectations. We are proud to have our name associated with the products we sell and the projects we work on.

Foodservice & Commercial Kitchen Equipment Replacement

Foodservice equipment inevitably stops performing properly with time, and with newer technology, it’s possible to reduce utility bills and environmental impact. Our experts are available to assist you in choosing new commercial kitchen equipment that will keep your kitchen running smoothly, while increasing your bottom line. With our industry experience and buying power, we’ll make sure that you get the best restaurant kitchen equipment, Corona dinnerware, and all of our finest Long Island fine china available at the lowest possible prices.


In many cases, giving your facility a facelift can be accomplished by retrofitting your existing commercial kitchen equipment. Retrofitting can save significant amounts of money, and allow you to re-open your doors to patrons sooner than you could with a massive renovation project. Our Long Island kitchen equipment experts specialize in retrofits, and we can time your installation so that it creates the least impact on your business possible, as well as preserving the integrity of your pre-existing commercial kitchen equipment.